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Photographer: Javier Bernardo-CAM ( Ciudad Autónoma de Melilla)

Why invest in Melilla

Fiscal Profits

We know that the main appeal that moves to a lot of worker companies to interest by Melilla like city to set up , are his special fiscal advantages:

Law of the Game

  • 50% bonus on the Game Activities Tax

  • 50% bonus on the employer’s Social Security contribution
Fiscal Discounts>

  • 50% Corporate Tax
  • of 60% in the I.R.P.F
  • up to 99% in Inheritance and Gift Tax
  • of 50% on Patrimonial Transmissions and Documented Legal Acts
  • of 75% on the Wealth Tax
  • of 50% in Municipal Taxes
Indirect Taxation

    • in the city of Melilla is not taxed for VAT
  • Advertising and marketing services
  • Electronic services
  • Accessory and complementary management services for the performance of gambling activities that constitute the taxable facts of gambling taxes and random combinations.

Melilla has an airport where two international companies Air Europa and Air Nostrum operate that connect the Autonomous City with Madrid and Malaga on a daily basis and a port with connection to Malaga Almeria and Motril.


The City has worked for years to develop infrastructure specifically created for the promotion of technological development.


The Autonomous City has strongly supported training as a necessary engine of the local economy that has become more important in the field of the Information Society


The City has a public PROMESA company that has a Labor and Business Orientation cabinet.


Up to € 7,700, depending on the type of contract and working day


Up to 45% depending on the type of company and expense.


Meet Melilla

Melilla Turismo


To travel to Melilla you can do it by plane or boat. The city has several daily flights with Malaga and Madrid as well as direct connections with other cities such as Seville, Granada, Almeria, Barcelona, Gran Canaria or Palma de Mallorca. The airlines that operate are Iberia (Air Nostrum) and Air Europa. If you prefer to come by boat you can do so from Malaga, Motril or Almeria through the companies Trasmediterranea, FRS or Balearia. You can contact our tourist office on 952976190, we will be happy to help you.

In Melilla we have different types of lodging. In addition, as the distances are short, you will be able to go easily to the place of the congress. You can contact our tourist office on 952976190, we will be delighted to help you.

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